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The BioTranslator  translates your desires and sends them out into the universe as beacons, attracting the assistance of forces in creation that are able to provide assistance.

What Lantos has said about the BioTranslator: Do you recall the days of Atlantis? In these precious times of harmony and growth, each town featured, in the center, a large BioTranslator. It was to this Translator that the people would come, bringing their desires for health, peace and prosperity. In this fashion, the communication between the people of Atlantis and the Great Celestial Beings and Messengers of Light remained lively and ever-supportive. To the Translator, people would come and fulfillment of the projected intent would arrive, surely and swiftly.

How to Use the BioTranslator:

To assist in realizing desires: Simply hold the BioTranslator and focus on your desires (e.g., for health, happiness, peace, love, wealth, etc.); you may use prayer, affirmation, visualization, or any other method of focusing your desires. You can also place the BioTranslator on top of your written desire(s) with a BioAmplifier. (see below)

For vision: supports the strengthening of eyesight. While resting, hold the base of the BioTranslator over your eyes, with your eyes closed. Start by holding the BioTranslator over one eye; the base of the BioTranslator should not be touching your eyelid, but should be very close to it. Hold the BioTranslator there until you feel vibrancy, or a tingling sensation, at the back of your eye (this may take a few seconds or a few minutes, depending upon the person). Repeat this over your other eye. You may do this routine twice each day. It may take a few months to see results with this routine.


Food is a Blessing We will increase the value of our food greatly by placing our food before a BioAmplifier & Translator. Establish an area in your kitchen.  Simply leave a BioAmplifier and a BioTranslator in this location.  Above these tools hang our precious master tool our beloved Pendant of Eternal Light.

Place your desire under these tools.  It may be a desire to receive the Blessings of this food for health and for happiness.  If a member of the family has a job interview place that desire under these tools and then feed that individual this transformed food.

The food is a most basic element of the lives. Even at a restaurant it will be good to hold our Beloved Pendant of Eternal Light above your plate before you begin to eat.  Always, we offer thanks to the Blessed Great Beings of Light.  Food is a gift. Nourishment is a gift.  We are Blessed to receive these gifts.

Goals and  Desires Use the BioTranslator whenever you want to send a desire out the Forces of Creation responsible for acting upon them... place the BioTranslator and BioAmplifier on your written desires. 

The BioTranslator calls into action powerful forces in Creation to come to your assistance with whatever your desires hold, whether for greater health, happiness, safety, security, love, abundance, etc. 

Daily Desires using the BioTranslator and the BioAmplifier ....write your desires on a piece of paper. Place these desires under the BioTranslator with the BioAmplifier positioned in the direction of either a Pyramid of Genesis or the Capitol of the Nation or in the direction of Hawaii (the Seat of Eternal Light) and make the call for the fulfillment of these desires.  As you make your calls, sit quietly.  Then you may speak out or you may silently place the request for the fulfillment of these desires.

Distance Treatments Generate the intent with the BioTranslator and the BioAmplifier at the beginning of distance treatments. You may use a picture (but not required). Shield treatments and specific treatments should be performed on individual pictures. General treatments may be offered to more than one picture at a time. Keep the pictures separate from each other. Do not have them stacked or touching each other. Each picture should be of only one individual person. In this way, everyone will receive maximum benefit. 


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