BioGenesis Signal Star Cell

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The Signal Star Cell picks up the impulses of selection and timing.  You can fine tune your action as it signals clear direction.

This BioGenesis tool will signal the highest choices. As a beacon signal it will point to you the proper path, a course of illumined action.   

Here’s how to use your Signal Star Cell:

Always start by saying:

Beloved mighty presence of Light
We ask for truth and clear direction
Signaling the highest path of illumination.

By using commonly known dowsing techniques, you will get yes or no answers for a fine tuned path.

When you first use this Signal Star Cell, ask to be shown your positive and negative signals. Simply hold the chain comfortably with your forefinger and thumb. Then ask to be shown a positive. By giving it a slight swing you will see the direction of a positive indicator. This can be either a clock-wise or counter-clockwise or forward & backward or side to side motion.  Any are correct. After some positive repetitions, ask to be shown a negative indicator and then a neutral indicator.

Ask your question in a way that can be answered by a yes or no. Use the Signal Star Cell to show you the clear & highest direction. If you receive a neutral indicator you may need to restate your question or refrain from asking it.

This is the way you will personally receive your answers. Daily practice will help you master this technique. 

*Remember to say the declaration stated above so that you will obtain the highest answers, the clearest illumination for your path.

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