Many folks who live in Santa Barbara love it so much that they call it paradise. With its Mediterranean climate plus the combination of mountains and ocean, it offers many pleasures for the senses. But there’s more to it than that….Santa Barbara radiates beauty and supports a large community of birds. The vegetation here is lush and bountiful. It provides a marvelous habitat for all kinds of birds. At Namasté Santuario the qualities of beauty and abundance are amplified. This is due to the respect all of us here give to Nature.

Since 1987, I have had the opportunity to co-create with Nature. The result is a sanctuary that offers many species a place to reside. There are areas through which humans do not pass as well as a number of garden spaces….such as a pond, vegetable garden, citrus orchard, redwoods and more! Each area, unique unto itself encourages the growth of different types of plants. As a result I have a large variety of plants from which to make my flower remedies.

All of this is the collaborative effort of many folks!  I want to acknowledge with deep appreciation my family and garden staff and flower remedy staff!  But most of all, I must say that what makes this place special are all of the plants and garden life!  They keep doing a spectacular job!  At this very second, there are trillions of cells growing out there in the sanctuary in an amazing way!

So when you obtain a bottle of Glory B Flower Remedies, you have in your hands a plant vibration that happens here at Namasté Santuario.  Flower remedies hold the imprint of a flower and its healing qualities. The time has come for all of us to enjoy health and witness peace on earth.  I know that this garden and its flower remedies can help us move towards that.

And for this I am grateful!