Glory B Flower Essences
are harvested from
Namasté Santuario, Santa Barbara, California



We have a variety of garden spots here at Namasté Santuario. You will notice that all of the paths are made with tree chips that eventually turn into compost. Let’s start with the vegetable garden.  Here we grow food for our family and plants to make Santa Barbara flower essences and tinctures. Each row is loaded with our own “home-made” compost about 6” high. Then assorted mulch is laid between them. Now take a look at the fruit trees….you’ll find loquats, tropical fruit, bananas, stone fruit (such as apricots and plums), apples, citrus and more.  OH, don’t forget the grapes, strawberries, pineapple guava, pomegranates ..…yum. Along the creek, the redwood trees are doing quite well and the native coast live oaks are full of life. As you walk along the paths, you’ll come across Ceanothus & other flowering bushes mixed in with 100’s of different flowering plants. The bees are happy.     

Through the day, listen to the roosters with the hens and the ducks in the pond area. During the warmer months, you can hear the frogs at night!  And yes, there are some goldfish that are growing quite large there too. So happy to say that the bee hives  plus the hives that the bees have created in trees are doing quite well.

In the heart of the sanctuary is the “Flower Garden” where flowers plants are chosen to not only make Glory B's Santa Barbara flower remedies but to also send their energies elsewhere.  All of these gardens I’ve mentioned are on the east side of the land. On the west side is Lauro Creek and a large preserve of native trees, our forest!

Our efforts began 30 years ago and they get better by the day!  Take a look at the slide show to see how it has turned out. It’s a bloomin’ joy to be here!          

 Many blessings to all who have made it happen!