SPIRITUAL AWARENESS use to ignite your recognition of available Inner Light.

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SPIRITUAL AWARENESS flower essence blend gives us strength, confidence and clarity.

This helps us to ignite the Inner Light that is available for us which charges the creative power we have.

Drink 3 drops in a glass of bottled spring water and say: "I breathe in the Light".

50 ml. preserved in alcohol

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Helps me to remember the BIG picture
Written by Glorianna on 31st May 2011

When I use this flower essence I remember that there is “a much bigger picture” than I usually realize. The true situation is that we are in “the sea of love”….and when I recall this truth I feel better. It helps me cope!

be still my heart
Written by Jen on 31st May 2011

this is faith in a bottle...

meditation +
Written by Annie, Santa Barbara CA on 17th Nov 2010

It sure gives an added depth to my meditations. It seems to create an openness that allows for so much more...

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