FATHER'S STRENGTH to gain assurance when facing difficult situations

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FATHER'S STRENGTH flower essence blend  reminds one of their power to move with assurance and to access the creative thought process that leads to successful endeavors. To gain assurance when facing difficult situations'

Apply a few drops where needed and say: "I am capable." Use as often as desired.

Use this when you face a difficult situation that you think requires yang/masculine strength. When you want courage to handle challenging situations. For example defending yourself, filing tax returns, dealing with teenagers, public speaking, when facing adversaries and difficult neighbors. You will feel stable, strong and have a sense of knowing what to do. For Adults.

50 ml. preserved in alcohol

"You can overcome obstacles with ease; providing easy & successful movement through challenges.

Also, you will assist others to achieve their goals. See the LIGHT in others for their accomplishments and they will be grateful to you." 

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