BioGenesis Multi-Colored Pyramid

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The BioGenesis Multi-Colored  PYRAMID is the foundation stone of BioGenesis.  This glass Pyramid establishes a stable foundation of harmony upon which all other BioGenesis Tools and Wheels may work more effectively. The BioGenesis Pyramid also removes negativity from the environment.

What Lantos has said about the BioGenesis Pyramid:

The BioGenesis Pyramid is the best teacher--it educates the environment; it restores harmony. BioGenesis Pyramids train objects with breath as well as those without breath. The changes are brought about more swiftly than you would expect. The negativities [that the BioGenesis Pyramid removes from the environment] do not leave as negative thought forms--a great transformation occurs; Light is restored. Place the pyramid in the house; this will generate an environment supportive to growth and transformation.

How to Use the BioGenesis Pyramid:

Simply place the BioGenesis Pyramid in your home, work place, car -- anywhere you would like greater harmony. Try to place the Pyramid at the highest point in the room, such as on top of a bookcase or mantle. The BioGenesis Pyramid will begin to restore harmony to the environment. Once a stable foundation of harmony has been created, the BioGenesis Pyramid will start to remove the negativity that has been stored in the environment.

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